Thursday, May 26, 2011

Books I like to Read

                 The books I like to read are books that are adventurous and about romance .My favorite series of books are the Percy Jackson series.These books are about the adventures of Percy Jackson .Percy finds out that his father is the king of the Greek gods,Zeus.

SchoolTube - Teague Middle School Humble, TX Flash Workout

These are kids at Teague Middle School .Click here to check it out.
SchoolTube - Teague Middle School Humble, TX Flash Workout

Train - Hey, Soul Sister

Train - Hey, Soul Sister: "Save Me, San Francisco"
This song is by the group called Train. This song is one of my favorite songs. Click to view

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ocean(Haiku Poem)

                                            Animals unknown
                                 A world that defines it's own                                                        
                                            Lurking beneath us

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kangaroo Story

                             It was a beautiful night in New Jersey.My brother and I were out searching for food for the family.As babies of the pack of Kangaroos we were the ones who had to go out and search for food.We never understood why we had to do this,but we had to follow orders.My brother and I hopped all night to search for food.We could not find a single bit of food for us, let alone the whole family.We saw a sign that said food is at the next exit so, my brother and I followed the cars to the next exit.We were not supposed to be on the highway at night,alone,but we were told do everything to get food.Once we exited we saw a world that was like no other.It was bright,magical, it was New York City!My brother and I were in complete awe.
            It was so bright the lights blinded me.We sat just staring at all of the amazing things.Then we saw our cousin,Andrea.We yelled,"Hey Andrea !"She turned around and she hopped over to us."What are you guys doing in New York?" "We are trying to find food .The question is what are you doing here in New York City."She looked puzzled,she did not say anything."I am here looking for food, too."My brother and I saw that she was with another kangaroo.We could not see who the person was.There was a moment of silence and then she broke the silence by saying,"Well I have t go.Talk to you guys later.Bye!" She hopped away as quickly as possible.We knew that kangaroo from somewhere. Instead of trying to find food we followed Andrea.We left Times Square and we were  now on 5th street.Andrea knew how to navigate herself around New York,so she knew were she was,but we did not.As we were going to cross the street my brother and I noticed that she saw us.She whispered something to her date and they quickly hopped off.We could not see her,we were lost in the middle of New York City!My brother, Jonathan and I  heard of these stories about getting lost in New York ,and it did not end well.
             We saw a police officer and we flagged him down. We were out of breathe and he asked."Hey are you two all right.You look like you two are about to faint .Can I get you some water?" "No."I said trying to catch my breathe. My brother asked ,"Do you know where we are my sister and I are lost?" He chuckled,"You are in Bronx ,New York," Our eyes we almost out of our heads.We questioned,"Are you sure?"He stopped and looked at us,"Do you kids know where you are.No,and I am a police officer here.Look at my badge it says Bronx doesn't it.""Do you know how o get back to New Jersey from here?"He responded saying,"Sure hop in."We sighed a relief.We hopped into the car and he drove us home.
            We hopped out of the car and when our parents opened the door and we looked in and saw Andrea and MIKEY, my neighbor! She looked furious ,as did my parents .We sat down on the couch and our parents and all of us had a talk. We got grounded for two weeks and got an extra week for spying on our cousin.


Adele - Rolling in the Deep

This is one of my favorite songs . Click this link to view it.
Adele - Rolling in the Deep: "21"

Monday, May 23, 2011

Honesty Essay

                                              Have you ever heard that honesty is the best policy? Well I think honesty is the best policy because even though it may get you into trouble.It is good to be honest so people can trust you.It's a good character trait,and you will get into more trouble if you lie than just tell the truth.Thus,honesty is the best policy.
                                             The first reason why I think honesty is important is because people can trust you.I remember when I was younger I told my friend that I liked somebody that she knew.She went behind my back and told the guy that I liked him.The next day one of my friends came up to me and asked me to tell her who I  liked.My friend promised she was not going to tell anyone,but she did.I was so mad at her that I was furious and hurt.It took her a long time to gain back my trust.Therefore,honesty is always important.
                                            The  second reason why honesty is important  is because it is a good character trait.For example,my parents always told me I should never lie.I did not understand what they meant,but it is true.One of my cousins was not allowed to go out because her parents could not trust her.They knew that she wouls lie if she got into any trouble.Her sister was the opposite.Her parents always let her go out because they know no matter what that she would tell the truth,even if it means she would get into trouble.This is why,I think honesty is a good character trait.
                                          In addittion,the third reason why I believe honesty is important is because when you lie you will get into more trouble than if you just tell the truth.My brother and I were playing outside ,we were playing baseball.We were using a wood bat and a softball.My brother went to go to hit the ball and he accidentally hit the window ,and the window cracked.My dad asked what that noise was and we said that we did not know.My parents eventually found out that we broke the window and we got into a lot of trouble.We were grounded longer because we lied instead of telling the truth.Obviously,I think honesty is important.
                                           In conclusion,the three reasons why I think honesty is important is because people can trust you,it is a good character trait,and if you lie you will get into more trouble instead of telling the truth.